Jacqueline embarked on her Yoga Teacher Training  as it seemed to be the natural progression to her yoga practice that had become her passion. Qualified to teach Vinyasa Flow and Restorative yoga at Shanti Yoga Glasgow the course was a truly life changing and magical experience and has equipped Jacqueline with the skills to teach well thought out, balanced, authentic and safe sequences.

During a rather challenging phase of her life, a friend persuaded Jacqueline to give Yoga a try to help balance her increasingly hectic life. The mental and physical benefits were undeniable giving Jacqueline a way to manage her anxiety, helping her to regain her focus, confidence and clarity of mind whilst increasing her strength, flexibility and relieving lower back pain gained from working as long haul cabin crew for over 20 years. 

From the first Vinyasa Flow class Jacqueline attended she knew this was something she wanted to share with others , her passion was ignited and she fell in love with the creative, well thought out sequences that synchronise the breath with movement and flow from one posture to the next, finding the experience a moving meditation allowing her to get lost in the flow. The restorative element of her teaching is what she calls the yin to the yang of Vinyasa Flow , these two different types of yoga creating one perfectly balanced practice.

Jacqueline’s aim is to recreate this magical experience that she has found within her own yoga practice for her students to help them create space in there minds and bodies leaving her class feeling calm, relaxed, re-energised , reconnected and restored.